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Site Notification

USMMA Operations Status During a Lapse in Funding
In the event of a lapse in appropriations after September 30, 2023, the United States Merchant Marine Academy will remain open for normal operations.

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Voter Information

Are you ready to do your civic duty?

One important part of being a leader is to contribute to the democratic process.  With a election coming up, it's important for you to take part in our democracy no matter whom you support! Here is how you can get your Absentee ballot.  Don't wait! Do it today before you are too late.  Each state has a different timeline.
Try these three easy steps:
1.   Register  to vote, or check to make sure that you are registered:

         Go to:

         Go to your state and follow the prompt.

2.   Request Absentee Ballot:

          Go to

          Select your state and follow the prompt, dates and forms vary from state to state.

3. If you do not obtain a state absentee ballot, you can mail in a federal write in absentee ballot.

        Follow Prompt. For Federal Offices only.


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