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Department of Waterfront Operations & Training





The USMMA Department of Waterfront Operations and Training is responsible for the operation of the Academy’s training fleet, Yocum Sailing Center, and waterfront professional, varsity, and recreational programing.

The mission of the Department of Waterfront Operations and Training is to promote Midshipmen Leadership Training and Professional Development through the use of Waterfront Resources.

There are three teams under the aegis of the Department of Waterfront Operations and Training: Varsity Intercollegiate Dinghy Sailing Team, Varsity Rowing Team,and the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team.  This department also oversees the Power Squadron.  Mr. Richard Cain is Director of Waterfront Operations and Training and is in charge of all programing and resources at Yocum Sailing Center.  Supporting Mr.Cain are staff and coaches who form an excellent team that provides the leadership that the USMMA expects of all departments at the Academy. 



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Last updated: Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

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