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Gift Policy


Gifts may be made to the Academy by sending a letter to the Academy’s Superintendent, Vice Admiral Joanna M. Nunan, at the following address offering the donation to the Academy: 

VADM Joanna M. Nunan
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
300 Steamboat Road
Wiley Hall
Kings Point, NY 11024
If the gift is monetary, the letter should explain either the specific purpose for which the gift should be used or that it may be used for any purpose. The check can be included with the letter.  If the proffered gift is an item, please include a description of the gift and its estimated value in the letter but do not send the item until the gift has been officially accepted.

The Maritime Administration is committed to quickly and efficiently processing all gift donations.  It issued an update to the agency policy for acceptance of gifts and bequests to the Academy that includes significant improvements designed to streamline the process, make acceptable gifts available sooner, and inform donors early if a gift cannot be accepted by the government.  All donors will receive a letter acknowledging their gift, and notification whether it has been accepted.

Under the updated policy, the USMMA Superintendent may accept a gift of up to $10,000 directly, subject to an expedited legal review. This threshold doubles the $5,000 limit established in 2010 and covers approximately 80% of gifts USMMA has historically received.  Additionally, the updated policy requires faster processing - as quickly as 10-days - for legal and ethical reviews on gifts up to $100,000. To ensure timelines are being met, senior agency leadership will closely monitor the processing of gifts under the new policy.

Additional information is available in the Maritime Administrative Order 440-2 "Gifts and Bequests."



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