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USMMA Operations Status: Normal

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Administrative titles at the Academy differ from those at civilian colleges, but in essence the responsibilities that accompany the titles are the same.

Our Structure

The Superintendent is akin to a college president and ultimately governs all aspects of Academy operation. The Chief of Staff is the principal executive for management control. The Academic Dean, like a college dean of faculty, is responsible for the curriculum and the supervision of the academic departments. The Commandant of Midshipmen is akin to the dean of students and handles all midshipmen affairs of a non-academic nature, including military organization, conduct and discipline. The Assistant Superintendent for Facilities oversees the facilities, infrastructure, and logistics support of the Academy. The Assistant Superintendent for Strategy & Policy oversees the Academy's strategic planning, program assessment, Congressional relations, and public affairs activities. These six individuals comprise the senior level of leadership.

Our Management

The second tier leaders include key department heads and office managers. The Director of Admissions recruits and selects the incoming classes. The Director of External Affairs is responsible for public affairs. The Chief Information Officer manages the Academy's computer network and simulation facilities. The Athletic Director oversees the physical education program as well as shoreside varsity athletics, while the Director of Waterfront Activities manages the training ship as well as varsity sailing and crew programs. The Director of the Global Maritime and Transportation School runs the Academy's graduate education program. Finally, the Director of Resource Management serves as the Academy's chief financial officer. The Head, Office of Professional Development and Career Services manages the shipboard training and job placement activities. Finally, the Director of Resource Management serves as the Academy's chief financial officer.

These individuals comprise the Academy's senior staff, and are assisted by capable support staff, office personnel, and skilled trades people in the daily operation of the institution.

Now Accepting Applications for the Class of 2029