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Academic Center for Excellence

Academic Center for Excellence


The ACE academic advising program at the United States Merchant Marine Academy will be recognized for its focus on helping students succeed academically through cognitive skill development, decision making opportunities, academic intervention strategies, and projecting academic and professional success in the global Maritime Industry.

Mission Statement

The USMMA ACE will insure that Academy midshipmen have access to academic resources, skill development opportunities and counseling in support of their development while in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree, a United States Coast Guard license, and a reserve or active duty commission. All midshipmen will receive academic support in a student centered learning environment regardless of their learning style. The ACE works with students, professors, mentors, coaches, tutors, the registrar, the community, admissions, administration,  the department of informational technology, the department for institutional assessment, and the regimental staff to support the Academy’s Academic Division’s goals.

ACE Program and Administration

The program will be administered by the DACE to support experienced academy personnel to serve as counselors, they will maintain accurate student tracking systems, use a balanced use of assessment resources, believe in personal interaction, and have a profound commitment to the development of Merchant Marine Officers.

Academic Center for Excellence Objectives

• Train a qualified and committed staff to deliver a full complement of Educational Academic Advising Services.
• Work with the dedicated faculty and staff to promote students skills development in becoming responsible for their own behavior, development, setting of personal academic goals, and desire to learn.
• Offer students means to success by providing workshops on: test taking strategies, time management, organizational and note taking skills.
• Provide mentor training on the Academic Alert System purpose, goals, and requirements.
• Allot an appropriate amount of time for students to discuss plans, programs, courses, academic progress, and other subjects related to their educational programs.
• Identify environmental conditions that may positively or negatively influence student academic achievement and proposing interventions that may neutralize negative conditions.
• Evaluate and monitor student academic progress and the impact on achievement of goals.
• Collect and distribute relevant data about student needs, preferences, aspirations, and performance for use in institutional decisions and policy.

Last updated: Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

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