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Naval Science


The U.S. Navy and America’s merchant marine have shared a close, mutually supportive relationship since the Revolutionary War. Today, that relationship is especially vital as merchant ships carry critical raw materials and other necessary cargoes, while naval ships ensure safe and open sea lanes for our nation’s ocean commerce.

Graduates of the Academy are appointed as ensigns in the U.S. Navy Reserve, unless they apply and are accepted for active duty service in the Navy or one of the other U.S. Armed Forces.

Our Goals

The goal of the Department of Naval Science is to support the mission of the United States Merchant Marine Academy by providing graduates with the academic, professional, and ethical tools needed to reach their potential as commissioned officers in the U.S. Armed Forces, government servants, and responsible citizens.

The curriculum focuses on the skills and knowledge graduates will need to serve as officers in the United States Navy Reserve. All midshipmen take courses on the Strategic Sealift Officer Program as well as Leadership and Ethics.

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Updated: Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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