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The USMMA Midshipman Mentoring Program is designed to function in collaboration with coaches, instructors, the regiment and departmental staff to foster students who will become proud graduates, loyal alumni and productive citizens. The program encourages students to become self-directed learners and decision makers, and facilitates a campus environment that fosters effective learning.

The Academic Mentors at USMMA play a crucial role in the success of our Midshipmen. Academic Mentors assist students in setting and achieving academic goals and promote intellectual discovery and overall academic success. The relationships established between Midshipmen and their mentors strengthen throughout the process and benefit all involved. Students come to know the USMMA culture better and learn to explore all possible options for success, ultimately becoming lifelong learners. Academic Mentors, who are members of the USMMA professional staff and faculty, take satisfaction in their contributions to the intellectual and personal growth of their Midshipmen.

The responsibilities of the Academic Mentor are important and s/he may be the student’s primary adult point of contact at the Academy. Academic Mentors provide ongoing guidance and support to keep students on track for success; monitor pursuit and progress; and encourage engagement in all areas of the USMMA experience. Listed below are some of the typical activities facilitated by our Mentors:

-Foster in our Midshipmen an understanding of the administrative policies and processes of the Academy and the nature of the academic programs. The Mentor neither grants nor denies administrative approval for particular academic actions.

-Provide guidance in regard to expected standards of achievement and the likelihood of academic success in certain areas of study, taking into consideration the Midshipman’s particular concerns affecting academic progress.

-Explain the sequencing and detailed information specific to courses, majors, internships, sea year, and other academic components of Academy life.

-Encourage the development well-rounded Midshipmen by promoting academic success along with healthy growth within the regiment, co-curricular responsibilities and extra-curricular activities.

-Participate in Mentor training sessions provided by the Academy to remain informed and current to best serve our Midshipmen and USMMA community.

-Refer Midshipmen to available on-campus resources when appropriate (see Related Resources).

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