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Academics Departments

Department of Humanities

  • The Department of Humanities is composed of dedicated scholars who are passionate about encouraging student communication skills, life-long learning, and respectful reflection on the complexities of the human experience, crucial abilities for young people as they move through the increasingly complex and diverse twenty-first century.

Department of Math and Science

  • The Department of Mathematics and Science offers three concentrations each consisting of three electives. These concentrations offer our students the opportunity to focus on a field of interest and to keep up with changes in the workplace. These concentrations are in the fields of Marine Science, Nuclear Science and Mathematics.

Department of Marine Engineering

  • This department provides the faculty and facilities required to teach the programs in Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Systems, and Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management. The department’s chief responsibility is to prepare midshipmen for the U.S. Coast Guard license examination in engineering and to educate them as well-prepared marine engineers.

Department of Marine Transportation

  • The Department of Marine Transportation offers two programs: Marine Transportation and Maritime Logistics & Security. These programs share a common nautical science and business core. The primary goal of the core Marine Transportation program is to provide midshipmen with the knowledge and skills required to serve as a deck officer aboard a merchant ship. 

Department of Naval Science

  • The goal of the Department of Naval Science is to support the mission of the United States Merchant Marine Academy by providing graduates with the academic, professional, and ethical tools needed to reach their potential as commissioned officers in the U.S. Armed Forces, government servants, and responsible citizens.
  • The curriculum focuses on the skills and knowledge graduates will need to serve as officers in the United States Navy Reserve. All midshipmen take courses on the Strategic Sealift Officer Program as well as Leadership and Ethics.

Department of Physical Education

  • The Department of Physical Education and Athletics provides physical education and ship’s medicine classes that are an integral part of the Academy’s core curriculum training.
  • Provide all Midshipmen realistic training experience in a mentally and physically challenging environment. Prepare and motivate Midshipmen for a lifetime of service through physical education, fitness training, and testing.

Department of Professional Development & Career Services

  • All Midshipmen, as an integral part of their professional training, participate in a cooperative educational program during the two periods of their sea year. Training aboard ship is designed to give the Midshipman practical knowledge of the performance and operating characteristics of various classes of vessels, the operating requirements in different trade routes, and labor relations in the ocean shipping industry.

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