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Marine Transportation


This department administers the marine transportation program for midshipmen. It is also responsible for major portions of the Maritime Operations and Technology and the Logistics and Security curricula.

The department offers courses in three disciplines:

  • Nautical Science
  • Maritime Business
  • Maritime Logistics and Security

Courses are given in the core curriculum to provide midshipmen with nautical science and management skills, as well as a knowledge of the transportation process necessary for successful careers in the maritime industry. The core includes courses in leadership, management, law, economics, transportation, logistics, intermodal and port operations, navigation, seamanship, marine safety and meteorology.

In addition, the department offers advanced elective courses in relevant areas. These courses can be grouped to give midshipmen a more in-depth exposure to a particular subject area. Students interested in concentrating their electives are advised to contact faculty advisors for specific information and advice.

Facilities and Technology

The department's administrative and faculty offices, classrooms and most of its laboratories are located in Bowditch Hall. These include navigation and electronics laboratories, a tanker loading simulator, and a computer work area. Our radar simulator laboratory simulates numerous ship models and has navigation aid capabilities with plotters and printers attached. Students interact with up to 50 contacts and maneuver through simulated land databases utilizing radars and Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPAs).

A seamanship laboratory in Samuels Hall is also maintained and operated by departmental faculty. The department provides hands-on training in ship operations utilizing the vessels and dockside facilities of the Waterfront Activities Department.

An important component of deck officer training is achieved through the use of a ship's bridge simulator, located in Samuels Hall. This full task bridge simulator offers midshipmen the opportunity to practice bridge team management as well as vessel maneuvering under realistic conditions.

Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2018
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