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Tutoring Program

Tutoring Program Overview

The USMMA Tutoring Program provides individual and group tutorial assistance to Midshipmen who either request services or require support due to identified academic deficiency. Tutoring services are provided by professional and Midshipmen peer tutors as part of a support system that promotes usage of instructor office hours as the initial phase of a comprehensive academic intervention strategy. Inquiries about tutoring schedules and availability should be made to the Director or Deputy Director of the ACE, the RAO, or the CAO.

Professional Tutoring

The ACE provides professional tutoring services for students, primarily in rigorous core Plebe course subject areas inclusive of Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. Professional Tutors are also available on a weekly basis to strengthen students’ skills in English and writing. Professional tutoring schedules are made available via email on a weekly basis to students and their respective mentors, who are integral to encouraging use of tutoring services for students who need academic support. The professional tutors are selected by the host departments and they include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and our Writing Center Tutor.  

Peer Tutoring

Services provided by Peer Tutors are available to all Midshipmen enrolled at the Academy.  The Midshipman Peer Tutoring Program is administered through the ACE. Each term, students who are excelling in particular academic subjects can sign up with the Regimental Academic Officer (RAO) to become Peer Tutors. There is a Company Academic Officer (CAO) in each company who is specifically responsible for working with Midshipmen who are experiencing academic difficulty. Similarly, there is a Battalion Academic Officer (BAO) assigned to each battalion. These Academic Officers enforce the academic support systems put in place by the ACE and work closely with the ACE staff to monitor the academic progress of Midshipmen via academic alerts, mandatory study hall attendance, and regularly scheduled tutoring sessions. Peer support is imperative to the success of college students, particularly those who are facing challenges to success. Our Academic Officers and Peer Tutors are essential to the success network at USMMA and are held in high regard for their service to their classmates and the campus community.

Online Tutoring:, Inc.

All midshipmen have 24/7 access to the online tutoring service, Inc., where they can connect with professional tutors who provide them with live, one-to-one academic support. Many midshipmen find this resource useful, as it allows for user flexibility that works around their very busy schedules., Inc. can be accessed here: Requests for login information or for adding more tutoring hours should be directed to ACE staff. 

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