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STCW and Physical Education Activity Courses


The Department of Physical Education and Athletics provides required Physical Education courses comprised of STCW competencies and additionally offers a variety of PE Activity classes which introduce Midshipmen to lifetime activities.

Physical Education Course Descriptions

PE105 First Aid/Self Defense 1 credit, 2  hours per week
Required course offered first, second and third terms to fourth classmen

Students are prepared to recognize and provide elementary care for victims of illness and/or injury according to current First Aid standards.  Students are also taught to administer proper respiratory and cardiac care in emergency situations.  This course fulfills STCW requirements in Basic First Aid and CPR.

Students also receive instruction in the principles and fundamental skills of self-defense geared to the beginning and intermediate levels.  The purpose of this course is to give the midshipmen a basic understanding of the essential techniques of unarmed combat and to contribute to the individual fitness, alertness, confidence, self-control, and ability to adapt to various situations during daily life of time at sea.

PE115 Swimming 1 credit, 2 hours per week
Required course offered first and second terms to fourth classmen

Students receive instruction in the various strokes and procedures which may be utilized in water survival situations.  Students also develop their fitness component through their work in the pool.  Individual remedial instruction is available for students with little or no experience in the water.  This course fulfills STCW requirements in selected Aquatic Survival techniques.

PE120 Aquatic Survival 1 credit 2 hours per week
Required course offered second and third terms to fourth classmen

Students learn how to react in a correct manner during water emergency situations, take measures appropriate to his/her own survival and to the survival of others.  Students also receive instructions in the prevention of aquatic emergencies and the use of survival equipment.  This course fulfills STCW requirements in Aquatic Survival techniques. PE 115 is a pre-requisite.

PE200 Ship’s Medicine 1 credit, 2 hours per week
Required course offered 2nd class year

Students receive instruction which will teach ship’s personnel to provide emergency care with a degree of competence to increase chances of survival at sea.  Midshipmen are taught anatomy, physiology, and how to use emergency medical techniques and equipment, as well as their proper application.  This course fulfills STCW requirements for Advanced First Aid.  PE 105 is a pre-requisite. 

PE201 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 3 credits
Elective course offered every year

This program is approved by the New York State Dept. of Health, Emergency Medical Services Program.  It addresses information and techniques currently considered to be the responsibilities of the basic life EMT.   The program consists of lecture, instruction, practical skills training and clinical observation.  This course is conducted in compliance with NY State curriculum, policies and guidelines.

PE300 Physical Education Activity Courses .5 credits each, 2 hours per week (for 6 weeks)
Midshipmen are required to take 2 credits during their 3rd, 2nd or 1st class year                                         

Students are introduced to the basic principles and skills of a number of different activities.  These courses provide an opportunity for development of skill, strength, stamina, leadership and sportsmanship in an enjoyable setting.  Students also develop an understanding for many of these “lifetime activities” and the importance of a healthy lifestyle well into the future.

Listed below are the PE activity courses offered (level II courses offer more advanced levels of instruction):

  • PE301 Basketball
  • PE304 Fitness and Conditioning
  • PE305 Golf
  • PE308 Racquetball
  • PE310 Pistol
  • PE311 Sailing I
  • PE312 Sailing II
  • PE314 Tennis I
  • PE 316 Volleyball
  • PE 317 Weight Training
  • PE 319 Sports and Cooperative Games I
  • PE 320 Sports and Cooperative Games II
  • PE 326 Conditioning Swimming
  • PE 329 Scuba I
  • PE 330 Scuba II
  • PE 332 Sports Psychology
Updated: Friday, February 22, 2013
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