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STCW and Physical Education Activity Courses


The Department of Physical Education and Athletics provides required Physical Education courses comprised of STCW competencies and additionally offers a PE&A Shipboard Safety and Wellness Concentration.

Physical Education Course Descriptions

PE&A 110 Basic Swimming 1 credit, 2 hours per week

Required course offered first and second terms to fourth classmen

Students receive instruction in the various strokes and procedures which may be utilized in water survival situations.  Students also develop their fitness component through their work in the pool.  Individual remedial instruction is available for students with little or no experience in the water.  This course fulfills STCW requirements in selected Aquatic Survival techniques.

PE&A 120 First Aid .5 credit, 2 hours per week

Required course offered first, second and third terms to fourth classmen

Students are prepared to recognize and provide elementary care for victims of illness and/or injury according to current First Aid standards.  Students are also taught to administer proper respiratory and cardiac care in emergency situations.  This course fulfills STCW requirements in Basic First Aid and CPR.

PE&A 125 Self Defense .5 credit, 2 hours per week

Required course offered first, second and third terms to fourth classmen

This course is designed to train midshipmen to defend themselves during combative situations while out at sea, on liberty, or working in the maritime industry. The course covers basic techniques, and strategies of self-defense. During the course Midshipmen learn physical techniques as well as strategies to avoid potentially dangerous situations. The Midshipmen actively practice defensive skills, and have the opportunity to utilize both physical and non-physical skills in real-life simulations.

PE&A 130 Aquatic Survival 1 credit 2 hours per week
Required course offered second and third terms to fourth classmen

Students learn how to react in a correct manner during water emergency situations, take measures appropriate to his/her own survival and to the survival of others. Students also receive instructions in the prevention of aquatic emergencies and the use of survival equipment. This course fulfills STCW requirements in selected Aquatic Survival techniques. Aquatic Survival is an advanced course to improve your aquatic ability.

Prerequisites: PE&A 110

PE&A 200 Medical Care Provider 1 credit, 2 hours per week
Required course offered 2nd class year

Midshipmen receive instruction which will teach ship’s personnel to provide emergency care with a degree of competence to increase chances of survival at sea. Midshipmen are taught anatomy, physiology, and how to use emergency medical techniques and equipment, as well as their proper application. This course fulfills STCW requirements for Advanced First Aid. Prerequisites: PE&A 120


PE&A 400 Lifeguarding 3 credits
Midshipmen receive instruction in Lifeguarding skills. They will develop the necessary knowledge and skills needed to help prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies. This includes land and water rescue skills, as well as first aid and CPR/AED.

Prerequisites: PE&A 110, PE&A 130

PE&A 410 Surface Rescue Swimmer Fitness Training (SRS) 2.5 credits

Midshipmen receive instruction in SRS training and will develop the necessary knowledge and fitness capabilities to by-pass the SRS development program. MSC and several shipping companies use this program for their employees. The course includes rigorous land and water fitness training.

Prerequisites: PE&A 110, PE&A 130

PE&A 420 Lifetime Activities for Business and Leisure 1 credit

This lifetime activities course is divided into three sections with a focus on developing an understanding and competency in Golf, Racquetball and Tennis. Midshipman will be exposed to the rules, etiquette and basic skillsets necessary in participation of the three sports. Upon completion of the course, midshipmen will have gained confidence and the required skills to participate in these activities. This class develops skills that contribute to the promotion of lifelong participation in physical activity, as well as an avenue to use for future business endeavors including networking, stewardship and negotiation.

PE&A 430 Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) 6 credits

This course prepares Midshipmen for the EMT certification. The State of New York Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Health Services and national EMT-B standards mandates the content and sequence of the course materials. The Midshipmen will learn the skills and knowledge needed to provide definitive care for a patient rapidly and safely as a situation dictates. The Midshipmen will gain proficiency in CPR, oxygen therapy, as well as assessment and treatment of various medical and traumatic illnesses and injuries.

PE&A 440 Health and Wellness 3 credits

This course serves as a tool that will allow Midshipmen to build a wellness plan based on the principles and concepts of health and wellness. It emphasizes basic human physiology concepts and mechanisms by which the body adapts to and benefits from physical training. Midshipmen well learn how to assess, monitor, develop and maintain their wellness in all four components: cardio respiratory, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility and body composition.

PE&A 450 Medical Person in Charge 3 credits

This course is for ship’s personnel who will provide emergency care and shirt term care for those aboard a ship. Midshipmen will be versed in emergency care, aspects of nursing, diseases and prevention of diseases, dental care, alcohol and drug abuse, pregnancy and childbirth, hygiene, death at sea, external assistance and record keeping. This course fulfills the STCW requirement of competence in Medical Person in Charge.

Prerequisites: PE&A 120, PE&A 200

PE&A 460 Medical Person in Charge – Bridge Course 1.5 credits

This course will cover all the subjects of the MPIC course, but is for those midshipmen who successfully complete the EMT-Basic course. It will bridge the EMT course to the STCW requirements of MPIC.

Prerequisites: PE&A 120, PE&A 200, PE&A 430

PE&A 470 Combative Sports 1 credit

This course is designed to train midshipmen in a range of combative sports including Boxing, Wrestling and Jui-Jitsu. The course covers basic and advanced techniques and strategies of each discipline.

Prerequisites: PE&A 125

PE&A 480 Mental Skills Training 2 credit

This course is designed to teach skills that are consistent with the mental principles used by the Navy Seals and the Army Center for Enhanced Performance for Athletes, exercisers, business professionals and those pursuing other lifetime achievement goals. The history and theory of each mental skill will be taught and a practical application to that theory will be covered and used by the Midshipmen. This course will cover the application of the mental skills learned in class into professional and career skills to be used as an officer in the Merchant Marine.

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