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Navy Summer Cruise


Provide midshipmen with the background necessary to make informed decisions regarding their career aspirations.  First class cruise puts the midshipmen in the daily routine of a junior officer. It is tailored as best as possible to each midshipman’s preference for service selection, which they express in submitting their service selection packages in the Fall of senior year. Structured to provide exposure to the life of a junior officer, this cruise provides excellent opportunities. Midshipmen attached to air wings often accrue flight time, and those aboard ships usually spend some time driving and calling out commands. Midshipmen on Special Warfare Cruises have physically demanding experiences, but get a first-hand look at the training and operational schedules of SEAL and EOD units. In general Midshipmen shadow junior officers and learn what life is like for them. This cruise serves to give first class midshipmen one last hands-on opportunity to learn about life as a Junior Officer before they commission.

Training Goals

(1) To prepare midshipmen for commissioned service through active participation in the duties and responsibilities of a junior officer.
(2) To enhance the development of officer qualities and leadership skills.
(3) To afford midshipmen additional time at sea for practical application of skills acquired in the classroom environment.
(4) To further familiarize midshipmen with warfare systems found in the operational Navy.
(5) To reemphasize the importance of military courtesies, customs, and traditions as well as maintaining smartness and discipline as a commissioned officer.
(6) To familiarize each midshipman with the daily duties and responsibilities of a Division Officer onboard a ship, submarine, or in a squadron.
(7) To familiarize each midshipman with the in port/at sea watchstations/watchstanding duties of a Division Officer.
Updated: Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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