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Fees and Expenses

The Federal Government pays the majority of the costs associated with enrollment at USMMA. Midshipmen receive tuition, room and board, uniforms, and textbooks at no cost.  Basic medical and dental care are provided through the Academy’s Office of Health Services.  Midshipmen are responsible for all other costs associated with attendance at USMMA.  Those costs include Midshipman Fees (for personal services), plebe and educational kits, general supplies, miscellaneous expenses, and transportation costs for liberty and leave periods. Only Midshipman Fees are payable directly to USMMA.  Plebe Candidates and returning Midshipmen who have a signed Financial Aid Acceptance Form with sufficient funds to cover Midshipman Fees will not be required to pay up front.  Financial aid awards, once disbursed, will be applied directly to Midshipman Fees.  Midshipmen must provide a signed Financial Aid Acceptance Form to the Office of Academy Financial Management (OAFM) to qualify for deferment of Midshipman Fees. 

Midshipman Fees

The Academy imposes Midshipman Fees in accordance with 46 CFR Part 310.62 (b) to cover the cost of personal services, which are provided on campus through service contracts. These personal services include:

  • Wash-and-fold laundry services
  • Tailor and seamstress services

Academic Year 2024-2025 Midshipman Fees

2024-2025 Academic Year Class Year/Sailing Split  
2028 2027 2026A/B 2026C 2025A/B 2025/C
Wash & Fold Laundry $558 $392 $196 $392 $588 $392
Tailor/Seamstress/Pressing $309 $206 $103 $206 $309 $206
Total Midshipman Fees: $897 $598 $299 $598 $897 $598

Note: Midshipman Fees vary during the 2nd and 1st class years due to the number of terms in residence at USMMA.  Midshipmen are not charged for fees during sailing periods.

Invoices and Payments

Midshipman Fees are payable in full for the entire academic year and are due 30 days prior to Indoctrination for incoming Plebe Candidates, or the first day of classes for returning Midshipmen.  OAFM will invoice each Plebe Candidate and returning Midshipmen no later than 1 June 2024.  Payment of Midshipman Fees can be made online at with a credit or debit card, or by check or money order made payable to U.S. DOT/MARAD and mailed to:

Office of Academy Financial Management
Attn: Midshipman Fees
U. S. Merchant Marine Academy
300 Steamboat Road
Kings Point, NY 11024

Payment instructions will be included with Midshipman Fee invoices.  Any check returned by the Academy’s bank may be subject to a penalty fee.  

Refund Policy

Indoctrination Period – A Plebe Candidate who declines his or her appointment after paying Midshipman Fees will receive a full refund of those fees.  A Plebe Candidate who reports to Indoctrination and is separated during the Indoctrination period will receive a refund for the second and third terms in the Academic Year, but not for the first term.  Midshipman Fees are not refundable for any portion of a term where a Midshipman is in residence at USMMA.

Regular Academic Year – Plebe Candidates and Midshipmen separated during a term are not eligible for a refund of Midshipman Fees for that term.  If a Midshipman is in residence for any portion of a term, he or she is responsible for the term’s fees.  Midshipmen on hold who are waiting for academic or other Board review decisions will be charged Midshipman Fees for that term.  Midshipmen who are disenrolled or set back to a later term will receive a refund only for future terms in the academic year.  Refunds for future term Midshipman Fees will be refunded to the Midshipman’s bank account on file in the Academy Office of Financial Management.  It is the responsibility of the Midshipman to ensure his or her bank account information is always up to date to avoid delays in receiving refunds.

IRS Form 1098-T

The Academy does not issue an IRS Tax Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, for Midshipman Fees collected for the laundry and tailor services.  These services are considered personal expense items and not qualified tuition or related expenses.  Further questions should be referred to your tax advisor.

Other Expenses

Incoming Plebe Candidates must purchase the required items listed below prior to reporting to USMMA for Indoctrination, unless otherwise noted. These items cannot be paid from pending financial aid, scholarships, and college savings plan payments because these costs are paid to third parties (not USMMA).  Plebe Candidates must cover these costs in advance and then be reimbursed with any remaining credit balance once excess funds are refunded to the Plebe Candidate via direct deposit. Federal Student Aid disbursements are processed not less than 30 days after the start of each term for Plebe Candidates.  Direct deposit to an account at Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) will reduce the turnaround time for refunds of financial aid (Federal Student Aid, VA benefits, 529 payments, and scholarships).

Passport and TWIC

Midshipmen must have a current, signed Passport prior to reporting for Indoctrination.  Passports expiring prior to 31 December 2028 must be renewed prior to reporting.  U.S. citizens must obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), administered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), prior to reporting for Indoctrination.  The cost of a Passport is approximately $130 and a TWIC is $125.25.

Plebe Kit*

For the convenience of Plebe Candidates, the Plebe Kit (complete, to proper specification, and pre-bundled) is available for a tax free purchase from the USMMA Navy Exchange (NEX). The cost of this kit is approximately $675.  Incoming Plebe Candidates should refer to the Logging In book for additional information.

Educational Kit*

For the convenience of Plebe Candidates, the Educational Kit (complete, to proper specification, and pre-bundled) is available for a tax-free purchase from the USMMA Navy Exchange (NEX). The Educational Kit will not be available for purchase prior to September when the academic major is declared.  The cost of this kit is approximately $96 to $152, depending on major. Incoming Plebe Candidates should refer to the Logging In book for additional information.

*Once Plebe Candidates take possession of their purchases from the NEX, no returns will be accepted. For questions about NEX purchases or to cancel your order prior to receipt of items, please email the USMMA NEX Manager at

Health Insurance

All Midshipmen are required to have an Academy-approved health insurance plan for health services that exceed the services offered through the Office of Health Services.  Midshipmen must purchase the qualifying Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) through the Academy-sponsored provider unless they can provide proof that existing health insurance coverage meets all minimum coverage requirements established by USMMA.  More information on health insurance requirements is available in the Logging In book or at

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for all eligible Midshipmen, regardless of income, to offset the educational costs listed above.  Visit for more information.

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