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Midshipman Honor Manual 2015-2016

About this Document

Honor is as important to today’s society as it was in the societies we inherited its ideals from, in particular from such heroic and chivalric societies as that of ancient Greece and medieval and Renaissance Europe. Certain modern communities preserve the idea of honor because it provides a sense of personal responsibility for actions within the community, and as a way of retaining a sense of tradition. Many professional associations, institutions of higher learning, as well as the armed forces espouse and practice the idea of honor. Honor is an ancient ideal of conduct. It has been the means by which close-knit, hierarchical, and highly-directed societies have developed a moral sense.
Honor System 
Title 46 section 310.65 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations mandates among the requirements for graduation from the United States Merchant Marine Academy that a midshipman must comply with the prescribed disciplinary and honor systems.  This manual defines the honor system and describes the procedures to be followed to measure midshipman compliance with the system.
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