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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Department of Mathematics and Science

When fully staffed, the Department of Math & Science consists of 14 full-time teaching faculty as well as several part-time faculties.

Full-time Faculty & Staff




Dr. Socrates Boussios

Assistant Professor

(516) 726-5769

Dr. Laurence Cassar

Professor Emeritus

(516) 726-5780

Dr. David Dellwo

Professor Emeritus

(516) 726-5780 

Dr. Jerry Doumas


(516) 726-5773

Dr. Nathaniel Cooper

Assistant Professor

(516) 726-5839

Dr. Daniel Fong

Associate Professor

(516) 726-5739 

Dr. Joshua Friedman


(516) 726-5766 

Dr. Ping Furlan


(516) 726-5783 

Dr. Nakeya Williams

Assistant Professor

(516) 726-5778 

Dr. Mark Hogan

Professor, Dept Head

(516) 726-5779

Dr. Michael Melcer

Professor, Asst. Dept. Head

(516) 726-5763

Dr. Alexander Retakh

Associate Professor

(516) 726-5781

Dr. Robert Ronkese

Assistant Professor

(516) 726-5777 


Laboratory Technician

(516) 726-5768

Dr. Paul Serafino

Assistant Professor

(516) 726-5776

Dr. David Shinn

Associate Professor

(516) 726-5782 

Dr. Kimani Stancil

Assistant Professor

(516) 726-5662 

Dr. Al Stwertka

Professor Emeritus

(516) 726-5662 

Dr. Charles Weber

Professor Emeritus

(516) 726-5770

Mrs. Christine Zwillick

Dept Secretary

(516) 726-5764

Last updated: Monday, December 9th, 2019

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