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USMMA Operations Status: Normal

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Midshipman Counseling & Personal Development (MCPD)

Hours of operation: Monday - Friday & alternating Saturday/Sundays as follows:
Monday - Friday: 0730-1630 (0730 to 0830 walk ins accepted-no appointment necessary)
Alternating Saturdays & Sundays: Click here for Saturday/Sunday Hours

Telephone Contact
*Health Services main: 516-726-5680
*Midshipman Counseling & Professional Development Direct - Monday thru Friday: 516-726-5679
*Health Services Saturday/Sundays: 516-726-5682
Email: Susan.Crowe.CTR@USMMA.EDUMichelle.Jaffe.CTR@USMMA.EDUDebra.OShea.CTR@USMMA.EDU, Monica.Parente.CTR@USMMA.EDU

Midshipman Counseling & Personal Development (MCPD)


Midshipman Counseling and Personal Development (MCPD) provides an opportunity for
Midshipmen to learn new skills and improve overall functioning both personally and
academically, to achieve their full potential. Improving mental health and well-being can foster
self-esteem, resilience and strength. Services are free, and confidential.

At MCPD we work with USMMA Midshipmen and Plebes to address issues that impact their
life and performance at the Academy. Most common areas worked on include adjustment to life
at the Academy, relationship issues, conflict resolution, test anxiety, stress management, alcohol
and/or substance use, discrimination, improving communication with family, friends and staff, or
general support needs. MCPD advances the academic and performance missions of the Academy
by facilitating personal development, self-awareness, problem-solving, and communication.
Services at MCPD are provided by licensed counselors and psychologists (clinical team
members) who carry out the Academy’s mission through counseling, psychotherapy,
consultation, and outreach programming. Care provided on-site by MCPD clinicians does not
result in a diagnosis if it’s resolved without needing higher level of care through off-site referral.
Records are kept confidential and in the majority of cases, cannot be released without the written
consent of the Midshipman. At times MCPD clinicians collaborate with OHS medical staff for
continuity of care.

Services are provided on-site at OHS at Patten Hall. Appointments are available remotely and in-person.

Meet our Clinical Team

What to expect

Well-Being Tips

There are many components that influence our emotional, psychological, social, or physical
health. Here are a few tips on managing some of the factors that may impact your overall wellbeing:

After Hours Care/ Emergencies


Frequently Asked Questions

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