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The Academy’s counseling program is directed toward providing each midshipman with the skills required to resolve problems to ensure an optimal educational and personal experience. Particular attention is focused on plebes, for whom adjustment to the Academy and its environment is the greatest.

The goal of the Counseling Office is to help midshipmen help themselves. The counseling staff addresses all issues that can affect a midshipman’s life and performance at the Academy. Problems with relationships, family, communication, stress, discrimination, alcohol and drugs, etc. are handled in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality. No information is shared with others without the midshipman’s written consent. The records kept by the Counseling Office do not become part of the midshipman’s
official file.

Personal counseling is provided by the director of counseling, substance abuse counselors and the chaplains. In addition, peer counselors in each company are available to assist midshipmen. They are bound by the same confidentiality rules as described above.

Midshipmen in doubt about whom to see for help will receive assistance from their company officers, midshipmen officers and peer counselors.

Last updated: Monday, February 11, 2013

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