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Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance Explained

Due to the unique nature of USMMA, it is difficult to place an exact figure on Cost of Attendance (CoA). To calculate CoA, the Academy considers two types of costs when factoring CoA. They are Billed and Estimated Un-Billed Costs.

Billed costs include: All “Midshipmen Fee” services. (Laundry Service, Barber Shop and Tailors) These are costs which the Midshipmen is “billed” for at the beginning of the academic year. These costs must be paid in order for the Midshipman to be enrolled at USMMA.  Midshipmen are NOT billed these expenses while at sea.

Estimated Un-Billed costs include: Expenses such as Licensing fees, transportation costs, personal expenses, required academic supplies, health insurance (if required). For freshmen, this cost includes the laptop package and plebe/educational kits.  Un-Billed costs will vary for each Midshipman.

The following table details the Estimated Cost of Attendance for the 2017-2018 Academic Year:

Updated: Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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