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USMMA Observes Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

KINGS POINT, N.Y., December 7, 2017 - Today, The United States Merchant Marine Academy community (USMMA) and Regiment of Midshipmen observed a day of remembrance to honor those who were lost during the attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.  

The Plebe Class, who organized the observance, rang 8 bells throughout the day to recall significant moments of the day “which will live in infamy”:

0755              First wave of assault on Pearl Harbor.

0945              The air raid is finished damaging 8 battleships and sinking 5.

Three light cruisers, three destroyers and three smaller vessels are lost along with 188 aircraft.

                      Over 2,400 Americans were killed.

1430             Japan declares war on the United States

During a lunchtime ceremony, midshipmen lit thirteen candles to signify each battleship that was damaged or sunk; as midshipmen paid their respects to the fallen.

Updated: Friday, December 8, 2017
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