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The regiment is organized into two battalions and five companies. At the head of the Regiment is the RC, Regimental Commander. The RC is assisted by the RX, Regimental Executive Officer, and the rest of the Regimental Staff.  The Regimental Staff includes personnel responsible for key administrative functions and operational areas, such as the Adjutant, Operations Officer, Logistics Officer, Waterfront Officer, Academic Officer, Protocol Officer, Medical Officer, and Honor Board Chairman.


Each of the two Battalions is led by a Battalion Commander (BC), who is assisted by the Battalion Executive Officer (BX) and the Battalion Staff.  Each Battalion Staff is relatively small, serving to coordinate and administer programs and policy between the Regimental and Company levels.

The five companies each have a Company Commander (CC) and Executive Officer (CX), as well as a small staff of support officers (Academic Officer, Logistics Officer, Fitness Officer, and others).  Each CC is responsible for the day-to-day operation of their respective company, from musters to academics to cleanliness to discipline. Each CC reports to the appropriate BC (1st and 2nd Company to BC1, 3rd and 4th Company to BC2). Each BC, in turn, reports to the RC. Band Company Commander reports directly to the RC.

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