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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office

24/7/365 SAPRO Hotline: 516-462-3207

Our hotline is available to all USMMA community members to consult with a victim advocate in responding to a crisis. You may call on behalf of yourself, a friend, a student, or a colleague. The hotline is available for Midshipmen to make a report of relationship or sexual misconduct on campus, off campus, or at Sea. The hotline is completely anonymous and will connect you to a trained Victim Advocate 24/7/365.

Who We Are

The mission of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) is to prevent and respond to relationship and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual and gender-based harassment, stalking, relationship violence, and retaliation. Our office is staffed by a Director, a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, and two Victim Advocates/Prevention Educators, one of whom is a Sea Year Liaison. SAPRO is dedicated to supporting USMMA's students, faculty, and staff by providing effective prevention training and robust victim advocacy.

Our Commitment

SAPRO staff care for victims-survivors by safeguarding their dignity, privacy, and power to make choices. We work to ensure victims-survivors' safety and accountability for perpetrators' actions in consultation with individual survivors, guided by our expertise. SAPRO is committed to transparency with the campus community, as sharing appropriate information about our policies and procedures will assist in reducing the rates of relationship and sexual violence at the Academy.  

Prevention and Education

Prevention is the most critical component in every successful campaign against sexual misconduct and relationship violence. SAPRO provides timely and engaging prevention training to USMMA students, faculty, and staff. Training for Plebe Candidates begins at Indoctrination to ensure that every student understands the Academy's zero tolerance for sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, and retaliation. The prevention curriculum for students continues with biannual training, including gender-based violence awareness and prevention, progressing to bystander intervention and education about specific topics relevant to college-aged populations and future military and industry leaders. Professional speaking programs are regularly offered to provide engaging presentations to enhance student, faculty, and staff skills in preventing and responding to sexual misconduct and relationship violence.

Responding to Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence

SAPRO aims to give power back to victim-survivors of sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, and retaliation. Resources available include but are not limited to:

  • Experienced Victim Advocates assisting victim-survivors in navigating legal and administrative systems
  • Crime victim advocacy with law enforcement agencies charged with investigating crimes against students, faculty, and staff, on campus, or or off campus in Nassau County, at Sea, by the U.S. Coast Guard, or by other local or federal law enforcement agencies
  • Accompanying students to interviews with investigators contracted by the Academy to investigate reports of sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, and retaliation
  • Consultation with the Academy's Special Victim Advisor
  • Medical and mental health care from the Office of Health Services
  • Spiritual care from the Academy's Chaplain
  • A partnership with the Safe Center of Long Island, the local domestic violence and sexual assault response center in Nassau County

Contact Us

SAPRO is located on the 2nd Deck of Land Hall on the left. Our regular hours are 0800-1715 and staff are available to meet at other times by appointment. We welcome drop-in visitors from the USMMA community. For non-emergent situations, our office email is In crisis or for immediate assistance please call the USMMA SAPRO Hotline at 516-462-3207.

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