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USMMA Hosts Parents Weekend

This page will answer questions about Parents Weekend, hosted by the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA), Friday, September 6 to Sunday, September 8, 2013. Please check this page frequently for any new updates before finalizing your travel plans.

What is Parents Weekend?

Parents Weekend is a celebration that incorporates the USMMA’s Acceptance Day Ceremony with a weekend schedule that includes a formal parade, sports events, classroom visitations and more. This weekend is the first opportunity for parents to reunite with their plebe candidate since the first day of Indoctrination on July 2. Parents are traditionally surprised to see the changes in their son or daughter made in a few short weeks.  These young mariners and future leaders have made tremendous growth in pride, determination, initiative, and maturity as they learn about leadership.   These qualities are their admission ticket to the Regiment of Midshipmen.

As the last weekend of plebe indoctrination comes to its traditional close with Acceptance Day, the candidates will formally join the Regiment of Midshipmen and will be sworn into the U.S. Navy Reserve. They also drop the "candidates" label and will be known as plebes until they are recognized as midshipmen on Recognition Day.

Is there a schedule or itinerary for the weekend?

Please keep in mind the Parents Weekend schedule is subject to change. Check here for the most updated information before you plan your trip.

The Parents Weekend schedule can be found by clicking here.

Do I have to register for Parents Weekend?

Yes. All guests register to attend Parents Weekend and pre-purchase their meal tickets for the weekend.  Please fill out the registration form indicating the number of meals needed, calculate your total meal costs and write a check for your pre-paid meals to the Regimental Affairs NAFI. Mail your check and registration form to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, no later than August 15, 2013. 

The one exception is Sunday brunch with your son or daughter at Delano Hall. Payment for the meal will be made at the Delano Hall reception table before you enter.  

We regret that our caterer is no longer able to accept meal reservations for parents weekend. You are welcome to bring food on-campus

Do midshipmen have to pay for their meals?

Midshipmen do not have to pay for regular meals in Delano Hall.  Please see specific instructions listed by day:

Friday: Midshipmen do not pay for lunch or dinner and must eat with the Regiment of Midshipmen, after eating they may join their family members who choose not to eat in Delano Hall.   Family members may join midshipmen during the Regimental Dinner (optional) on Friday (ONLY) but must register and pay in advance.   Payment must be received by 15 August.

Saturday: Midshipmen may eat regular lunch at Delano Hall, but families are NOT permitted. However, Midshipmen MAY join their families for a boxed lunch at Land Hall (Tent) but they MUST PRE-REGISTER AND PAY BY 15 AUGUST.

Sunday: Anyone (including midshipmen) who attends brunch may pay at the door.

When should I arrive?

Parents, family and other guests usually arrive on Friday or Saturday from 0700 to 1300, as their schedule permits.  

Will there be golf carts available for family members requiring assistance?

Yes, but this service will be limited.

What do we do upon arrival?

When you arrive at Vickery Gate, you will be directed to Land Hall. On Friday, from 0730 to 1300 and Saturday, from 0800 to 1130, you can pick up your pre-paid meal tickets, campus map and Parents Weekend schedule and have your questions answered at the Land Hall Information Table.

Is it customary to bring siblings or other family members?

Many families choose to bring the entire family for the weekend. All are welcome.

Can our plebe stay with us over the weekend?

Plebe candidates will not have overnight liberty on Friday.  Saturday liberty is at the discretion of the Commandant of Midshipmen, and will be announced after the football game.

Do you have travel directions to the Academy?

Click here for travel directions.

Do you have a list of local hotels in the area?

Click here for a list of local hotels?

Where can I find more information on the National Parents Association?

For more information on the National Parents Association, click here.

If I have additional questions, what is the best way to reach the Academy?

For additional questions, the quickest way to get a response will be to write an e-mail to If you do not have access to e-mail you can telephone the information line at 516-726-5745.

Updated: Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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