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USMMA Faculty and Staff Receive Numerous Awards From Acting Maritime Administrator

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 13, 2013 – Yesterday, Rear Admiral James A. Helis and Professor Michael Ales attended an awards ceremony at the United States Department of Transportation headquarters in Washington D.C., where they accepted numerous awards from Acting Maritime Administrator, Mr. Paul F. Jaenichen, Sr. on behalf of members of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy’s (USMMA) faculty and staff.  Rear Admiral Helis said, “I join with Mr. Jaenichen in congratulating our faculty and staff.  Their dedicated service goes far beyond the walls of the USMMA, and the work they do serves all of the American people.”

Two individuals, received the 2013 Maritime Administration Excellence in Customer Service Award. Peter DeJesus was recognized for exhibiting extraordinary daily commitment and dedication to providing the highest level of security for the faculty, staff and midshipmen of the USMMA.  Mr. John McCormick was recognized for extraordinary commitment and dedication to providing the highest level of maintenance and repair services for the faculty, staff and midshipmen of the USMMA.

Four teams received the 2013 Maritime Administration Team Award.  The Team Award is designed to recognize groups and teams for exceptional performance that supports improvement, reinvention, customer service, cooperation, collaboration, and integration.

The USMMA Maxiflex Planning Team was recognized for providing extraordinary commitment and dedication in adapting the government’s Maxiflex time scheduling policy to the needs of the Merchant Marine Academy.

Dr. Gabriel Colef, Professor, Marine Engineering
Ilene Kreitzer, Counsel to the Academy
Andrew Green, Head, Department of Human Resources            
Dr. Michael Melcer, Professor Math & Science

The T/V Kings Pointer Vessel Conversion Team was recognized for extraordinary teamwork in converting a replacement vessel to train young men and women as United States Merchant Marine Officers in a cost efficient manner.

CAPT Eugene Albert, Head Department of Shipboard Training
CDR Christopher Gasiorek, Director of Waterfront Activities

The USMMA Government Shutdown Team was recognized for extraordinary commitment and dedication during the 14-day government shutdown at USMMA.

Dr.Gabriel Colef, Professor, Marine Engineering
CDR Preston DeJean, Assistant Academic Dean
Joe Escoto, Assistant Chief Finacial Officer for Academy Operations 
Andrew Green, Head, Department of Human Resources
RADM James Helis, Superintendent
Lisa Jerry, Registrar
CAPT John "Jay" Kennedy, Commandant of Midshipmen
Ilene Kreitzer, Counsel to the Academy
Dr. Shashi N. Kumar, Academic Dean     
Dr. Michael Melcer, Professor, Math and Science           
The USMMA STCW* Curriculum Team was recognized for extraordinary commitment and dedication toward educating licensed merchant mariners and leaders at USMMA.

CAPT Eugene Albert, Head, Department of Shipboard Training
CAPT Elwood Baumgart, Associate Professor, Marine Engineering                  
Dr.Jane Brickman, Professor of History       
Professor Michael Ales, Associate Professor, Marine Engineering   
CAPT Michael Murphy, Professor, Marine Transportation
CAPT David Palmer, Professor Marine Engineering
CAPT William Sembler, Head, Department of Marine Engineering
CAPT Steve Treacy, Academy Training Representative
CDR Kelly Curtin, Assistant Professor, Marine Transportation
Sean Tedesco, Head Swimming Coach
Dr. Charles Weber, Professor Math & Science
Ms. Lisa Jerry, Registrar
Ms. Maribeth Widelo, Assistant Registrar
CAPT Tim Tisch, PhD, Associate Professor, Marine Transportation
Mr. Matt Dempsey, Head Women's Basketball Coach
CAPT Peter Kahl, Professor, Marine Engineering
CAPT George Edenfield, Head, Department of Marine Transportation
CDR Paul Zerafa, Professor, Marine Transportation
CDR John Tuttle, Associate Professor, Marine Engineering
Dr. Laury Magnus, Professor of English, Deparment of Humanities
Mr. Greg Ilaria, Head Wrestling Coach
CDR Emil Muccin, Assistant Professor, Marine Transportation       
• Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers

Finally, a surprise award from the Acting Administrator, the “Late Night Pizza Award” was given to team members who stayed late and worked extremely hard to meet a deadline. Two members of the Office of Acquisitions received this special award.

Deborah Porter                     
Carmen Feliz

On Wednesday, December 11th the following individuals from USMMA were recognized by Secretary Anthony R. Foxx during the Secretary's 46th Annual Awards Ceremony:

Mr. Rick Sager,  Administrator, Department of Health Services was awarded a Silver Medal for Meritirious Achievement

Ms.Carol Finegan, Assistant in the Department of Professional Development and Career Services was recognized with an Excellence Award

Mr. Osvaldo Jorge, Senior Financial Accountant, in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer was also recognized with and Excellence Award

Congratulations to all of the USMMA award winners!

Updated: Tuesday, December 17, 2013
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