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The United States Merchant Marine Academy Celebrates Thanksgiving

KINGS POINT, N.Y., November 26, 2013 — Yesterday, the United States Merchant Marine Academy’s (USMMA) administration, faculty, staff and alumni joined the Regiment of Midshipmen to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  The Regimental Thanksgiving Dinner held in Delano Hall is an annual tradition at USMMA and a special treat for midshipmen. 

Following an introduction by the Regimental Commander, Midshipman Kevin Berto, and a benediction by Chaplain Joseph Koch, Superintendent Rear Admiral James A. Helis welcomed the group.  Helis mentioned many of the things that the Academy community is thankful for, especially the Regiment of Midshipmen.  He said, “I am thankful for you! I am thankful for such an outstanding group of future leaders. With you as the future leaders of our country, I know we are in great shape.”

The beautiful décor and music by the USMMA Regimental Band created a very welcoming environment for the special gathering.  Each table shared a family-style meal of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables and apple cider.  One midshipman at each table was given the honor of carving a turkey.  The midshipmen enjoyed their meal and each other’s company and talked with one another about the new trimester, sea-year, and travel plans.  Second Class Midshipman David Del Corso summed up the evening saying “after being at sea for 8 months, it was so nice to be back with family, friends, faculty and staff.  We really are a family here.”


Updated: Tuesday, November 26, 2013
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