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Future Deck Officers Visit APM Container Terminal

KINGS POINT, N.Y., March 8 2016 – U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) midshipmen and plebes enrolled in two sections of the Department of Marine Transportation’s Business of Transportation Class were treated to an extensive tour of the APM Container Terminal in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, in mid-February.

Giovianno Antonaccio, General Manager, personally hosted the group as they became familiar with terminal operations. The group was accompanied by their professors, Cmdr. Emil Muccin, USMS, and Cmdr. Peter Schneider.

“This site visit to the terminal allowed the Midshipmen to see, first-hand, many of the concepts and practices that we discussed during class, and that they read about in the Business of Shipping textbook,” said Muccin. “Our host, the terminal manager mentioned at least 25 terms that we specifically discussed during the trimester.  It was truly an eye opener for the Midshipmen and a tremendous learning experience”.

The group discussed many topics that impact the maritime industry. Plebe Jan-Niklas Isenhart explained one such topic “as producers aim to fulfill the economies of scale mentality, larger ships are being constructed at a speedy rate with seemingly disregard to the ports which in turn must accommodate them. Terminals, such as APM, are unable to harbor the goliath vessels of Maersk’s Triple E class. Presently, the wharf in N.J. plans to have the Bayonne Bridge raised in order to provide provisions to the massive ships in the near future.”

The plebes received an excellent introduction to what they will see during their Sea Year. Plebe Matthew Lynch said, “The visit to Port Elizabeth was an eye-opening experience, and helped to connect classroom concepts to real-world examples. It was remarkable to see the flow of containers at such a large space, and helped me visualize the maritime industry’s connection to the global economy.”


By Veronica Cassidy Barry with contributions from Plebe Jan-Niklas Isenhart




Updated: Wednesday, March 9, 2016
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