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Academy to Benefit from Generous Alumni Gifts

KINGS POINT, N.Y., June 7, 2013 – As this academic year comes to a close, the United States Merchant Marine Academy acknowledges its alumni for several generous gifts. The Class of 1962, in honor of its 50th Reunion established, “The Class of 1962 Fund for Midshipmen Professional and Leadership Development” and has committed at least $75,000 per year for the next five years to this fund.  This generous gift will be used to fund both on and off-campus activities for Midshipmen that will enhance the professional and leadership training already provided by the academy.  Examples of such activities include sending Midshipmen to professional conferences, arranging for presentations by distinguished marine professional speakers and providing courses on the essentials of leadership. 

With the recent announcement of the Academy’s “Margin of Excellence Needs List: 2013” the academy has already received several additional gifts.  In February, the USMMA Alumni Chesapeake Chapter donated $5,000. This gift will be used to enhance the Academy’s Alcohol and Drug Education Program.  Several other generous gifts were received prior to the publication of the needs list.

"These alumni gifts will play a key role in the implementation of our strategic plan,” said Rear Admiral James A. Helis, Ph.D., superintendent of the USMMA. "We are tremendously grateful for our alumni’s generosity."

In January, Helis accepted a gift of $ 8,000 on behalf of the academy from an alumni chapter in Mobile, Alabama, and in July 2012 the Academy received $102,000 from the Robert J. and Irma S. Radcliffe Estate. This was in addition to an initial gift of $250,000 that was received from the Radcliffe Estate in March of 2012 to support the academic endeavors of the Engineering Department.

Captain William Sembler, Head of the Department of Marine Engineering, explained “The gift money from the Radcliffe estate will be used to purchase and install two different types of oily water separators that are certified to meet the latest international regulations. They will be installed with associated tanks and equipment in a dedicated container that will be located in the McCready Steam Laboratory in Fulton Hall. The addition of these oily water separators to the Academy’s engineering laboratories will enable midshipmen to receive hands-on training in the operation and maintenance of equipment that is required on all ships and that is necessary to protect the environment. Planning is currently underway to determine any changes to the facility that may be necessary to support the installation and operation of the new equipment.”

Updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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